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The Best Way To Get Started Is To Just Get Started

The best way to start a weight loss journey is to just get started. People often spend a lot of time researching the best diet, what workouts to do, which gyms to join, how many times a week should they workout, appropriate dress, how long to rest, how often should they train; the lists go on and on.

None of that leads anybody towards a fitness goal. It only consumes time that you could be up and moving. Get started doing something more than you are doing now. Make small strides to improve your daily diet, like eliminating “junk food”. Make common sense changes to your daily routine and just get started.

If your typical day includes drive thru meals and sugary snacks, cut those out and/or choose healthier options. All fast food restaurants have some type of grilled chicken sandwich(which we know are better for you than the Super Large Burger with fries).

Get Moving. Do some type of exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Even if it’s just walking through your neighborhood. Get up and get moving.

Yes. You are going to have to make more changes to your diet and increase your exercise intensity eventually. But, create some momentum. Start with simple to moderate changes and get started. single-step-start


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