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Scale Frustration

Scale Frustration should be a medical term. It has caused so many people to give up on their personal goals. Weight loss is tricky sometimes. Your body can retain water. Hold onto calories. Have inflammation. Hormone imbalances, some drugs/supplements, and your body not tolerating certain foods can lead to the scale not moving. This leads to the dreaded Scale Frustration.

Scale Frustration can lead to doubt, stress and thoughts of quitting. When one feels that frustration coming on, it is so important to step back and look at the positives you are accomplishing with your journey. Take measurements. Look at how much better your clothes are fitting. See how much better you feel with the strength you’ve gained. How much your balance has improved and how ordinary daily tasks are easier for you. Celebrate those victories! Keep pushing in the right direction. Make the necessary adjustments and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Don’t be a victim to Scale Frustration. The only people I know that don’t reach their weight loss goals are the ones that quit.


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