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New 21 Day for $52 Rapid Weight Loss Program!

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Anderson County resident, Mikki Campbell; author of “Make It Happen”, is passionate about helping people lose weight, get in shape and transform body, mind & spirit…

As a result of his own transformation, the one detailed in his book, Mikki developed his GetRight! Personal Training Program; online and in person at his private training facility in Anderson, SC; where he offers 1-on-1 and small group training sessions.

This unique program is special and has helped literally hundreds of women and men achieve some pretty remarkable results…

The client literally can have their very own Personal Transformation Coach in the palm of their hand!! Not an app that offers cookie cutter workouts, but working with a coach that has not only helped hundreds of people succeed, but has been there himself and is fully aware of what the battle is like!! 

Mikki will work hand in hand with you to develop a plan that GUARANTEES RESULTS!!  It will include but not be limited to:

  • Accountability & Motivation like no OTHER!
  • Personal Nutritional Guidance(DAILY)
  • Personal Training Program – Never guess what you should be doing again. Your entire program will be laid out for you in detail. Based on your health history, goals, fitness level, training schedule, training location…EVERYTHING!! You will know daily exactly what to do, even if it’s a rest day. EVERYTHING will be incorporated into your plan. How much cardio you should be doing, if and when you should strength train, all strength training programs will be laid out in detail for you and tell you how much weight, how many reps, sets and even when to take a water break!! Not a lot of exercise history and not really sure what a bird dog might be? Don’t sweat it! All the exercises are accompanied by demonstration videos and if you’re still confused or just not sure about it, you can message Mikki directly through the app at any time to answer any question you may have. 

You’ll also get for FREE:

  • Transformation Secrets(eBook)
  • 21 Day Food & Activity Log(this will be beneficial to getting you on right path with your diet)
  • Daily Affirmations(A positive mindset is a MUST)

BTW: Mikki is SO passionate about helping as many people as he can to find transformation success that he’s made it so you can get this AMAZING GetRight! Transformation Training Program for less than $4 A DAY!!! YES!! You can have your very OWN Personal Transformation Coach for less than $4 PER DAY!!

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See Results FAST

With the GetRight! Transformation Training Start-Up Program, you will see amazing results REALLY fast…

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With the GetRight! Training Program, you will have your very own Transformation Coach literally in the palm of your hand ANYWHERE in the world!

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Guaranteed RESULTS

Our Transformation Training Program is individually designed to fit your own personal needs. That is how we GUARANTEE RESULTS!

See The Results of Real People Just Like You 

Michelle P. lost 45 lbs!

Michelle P. lost 45 lbs!

Preston P. lost 100 lbs!

Preston P. lost 100 lbs!

Sanethia T. lost 70 lbs!

Sanethia T. lost 70 lbs!

Libby W. lost 50 lbs!

Libby W. lost 50 lbs!

Let’s recap that:

For LESS THAN $4 per day; you can have your VERY OWN Personal Transformation Coach(one that himself lost 100 pounds and transformed his body, mind & spirit; wrote a book about it and developed this program based on not only his success, but the success of literally hundreds of other women & men where he is going to work with you personally and develop a GetRight! Transformation Program JUST FOR YOU!! that GUARANTEES RESULTS!!!
You will learn how to eat, what to do daily and how to do it all properly. Your plan will be developed down to the time for a water break and how long that break should be. Everything will be detailed and designed to fit you PERSONALLY!! 
It’s YOUR GetRight! Transformation Training Plan…
And don’t forget; you’ll also get:
* Transformation Secrets(eBook)
* 21 Day Food & Activity Log(this will be beneficial to getting you on right path with your diet)
* Daily Affirmations (A positive mindset is a MUST)
For FREE!!! 
Space is limited. ACT NOW!! 


LOL!…For real though, You Want to lose weight or you wouldn’t be on my site. I’m GUARANTEEING you results with a program designed specifically for you…motivation and accountability, daily nutritional guidance, confidence in knowing you’re doing the right things to achieve your goals safely – on your schedule at your convenience for less than $4 a day…and did I say with GUARANTEED RESULTS?! 
What numbers will be on your sign?
What numbers will be on your sign?