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In Order To Change You Must Embrace The Change

A lot of people want to change their bodies. Lose weight, tone up, get in shape, get ripped, whatever they call their goals. Most want to transform their body into the body they’ve long dreamed of having.

The first thing that has to change to make that happen is changing your mind. You have to embrace the changes that you will need to make to be successful. Most people look at dieting and exercise as a torturous chore. They despise the thought of “dieting” and look at exercise equipment as some type of demonic torture devices.

I encourage you to change your thought patterns. Find a nutritional program that you can commit to. Don’t look at it as punishment. Like you are giving up all that you love. Find foods you enjoy. Implement variety in your diet. Look forward to trying new recipes and ways of preparing food.

Take a new outlook on exercise. Find a training program that motivates you. Look forward to doing better daily. Challenge yourself. Make a game out of it. Never look at training as something you have to do. See it as something you get to do.

If you allow yourself to continue looking at diet and exercise as something you hate and dread, it will be torturous and most likely; you won’t be successful in your transformation. Embrace the change. Change the way you view the process and enjoy it. Start telling yourself that you can’t wait to get to the gym today. You are going to have so much fun there. You will do one more rep than you did last time or you’ll go 5 more minutes on the bike. Whatever the case may be. If you look forward to it with positivity, it will be a lot better experience and you will more than likely stick to it.

Same thing with your diet. If you only dwell on not eating that large double stuff crust pizza, you will more than likely not stay committed to your plan. But, if you look forward to trying new recipes or enjoying healthier foods that you have found, odds are you can stay committed and be successful.

I promise you it will be worth it. Embrace the change. Enjoy the journey and fall in love with the new you! If I can do it; YOU CAN TOO!!!bna-mikki



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