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YES! You Should Enjoy The Holidays


The Holiday Season is here. Don’t look at this time of year as an excuse not to exercise and watch what you eat. No. I am not telling you that you shouldn’t enjoy the holidays. I am actually encouraging you to enjoy them!

What I am hoping you will take from this is that it is much better to exercise regularly and follow a structured nutritional plan than to use this time of year as an excuse to just let yourself go and have regrets throughout the holiday season. Cherish the times with your family and friends. Enjoy the great meals and festivities. Don’t just say, “Well the holidays are here. There’s no need in me trying to diet or exercise right now. I’m going to be eating good over the holidays.”

See, we only have so many dinners, parties or get-togethers to attend. If you are following a  structured nutritional plan and exercising regularly, these times won’t affect you negatively. You won’t “pack on” that “holiday weight”. Don’t be one of those people that says, “I am not even going to try and eat right or exercise right now. I’m just going to enjoy the holidays and go on a diet after the first of the year.”

Most of the time people with that attitude end up gaining an extra 10-20 pounds during the holidays and enter the first of the year depressed and defeated. If you eat healthy 80% of the time and exercise regularly, you can actually lose weight and be able to eat what you want at your holiday gatherings. Feel good and enjoy the holidays. Start NOW!holiday-meals


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