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What Is The #1 Thing That Led To My Success?


When I am asked what I would attribute my success to; my answer is always the same. I give all the credit to God! He deserves all the credit for everything I have ever achieved.

Without God, I could have never achieved any of the goals that I have ever achieved. Especially my transformation goals! I made a commitment to God when I started me journey to be committed to following through and achieving the goals I had set.

I knew I could do that with His help. I prayed to Him daily for strength, guidance, discipline, doors of opportunity to be opened and everything I needed to achieve my goals. He followed through as He always does. t am not trying to sound preachy, but that is the truth!

The next thing would have to be standing on my mantra. Based on my commitment, I believed in Philippians 4:13. most every body that knows me would tell you that verse is my mantra. “I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.”

So at the times I felt tired, weak, it was getting too tough or doubt crept in; I knew that I could do it. I believed in the Word. I stood on the Word and held strong to it. I believed in the commitment I made to God and His help is the #1 thing that helped me achieve my goals.

On top of that, I would have to say that I WANTED it! Many people don’t understand what it means to really WANT it. They kind of feel like they want it, but you have got to WANT it! You can’t just think about losing weight and getting in shape. You have got to make that commitment.

It has to become a high priority in your life. You goal needs to become something you feel like you have no choice but to achieve. You have to WANT it so bad that you can’t imagine not achieving it.

My advice to you would be to make a strong commitment to your goal, believe that you can achieve it, WANT it and “Make It Happen”.


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