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Building Momentum


No long term goal is achieved overnight. There will be many short term goals achieved along the way. There will also be small victories won on the way to the ultimate win.

It is so important to celebrate these small victories and acknowledge the accomplishment when short term goals are reached. Doing this will create momentum for the journey.

It is a scientific fact that things that have momentum going are harder to stop. Same holds true on any transformation journey. Once momentum is built, we can become unstoppable.

So, always stay consistent with your nutrition and training. Check off those short term goals and acknowledge the small victories. Thing like climbing stairs with more ease, tightening the belt up a notch, losing 5-10 lbs, etc; these are examples of those smaller victories and short term goal accomplishments.

Progress makes one feel good and builds momentum. It puts doing those mundane daily tasks into a more positive perspective. Consistently doing those daily rituals builds momentum and leads to achieving that overall goal in a shorter period of time.

Build momentum and MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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