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5 Key Ingredients For A Successful Weight Loss Journey(Part 5)

The last ingredient to guarantee your success is perseverance. That’s it. See it through! “Don’t Stop Til You Get There.”

There are going to be obstacles. There will be days that you are not going to feel like working out. Maybe, you “binge out” on junk food one day. Times that you will feel like throwing your hands up and quitting. You might “fall off the wagon”.

You just ALWAYS have to remind yourself that every minute is a new minute. At any minute you can change the way that you look at anything and “get back on track”. Make your reason why stay bigger than any reason why not comes up.

You started this journey for a reason. If it was important enough to start, make it important enough to finish. Don’t let obstacles become excuses! There will always be things that come up. Days that you are busier than others. Times that you “cave”.

I know I did. I felt like quitting a lot. At those times, I looked at some of the motivation I had in place. Remembered my commitment. Thought of how important my goals were to me and just saw it through.

You can too! The only people I have ever met that were not successful in their journeys were the ones that quit. Stay the course. Look at all you have accomplished and how far you have come. Don’t get overwhelmed by how for you have to go. Nobody can do it for you, but if you keep pushing and don’t quit; you will achieve your goals!

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