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One of the key ingredients to success in any venture is belief. If one does not believe that he can achieve something he’s exactly right!

After setting a goal you have to believe that you can achieve it. Doubt leads to defeat. I know first hand.

There have been times that I look back on and I know that doubt stood in my way of success. Times I fully believed in what I was doing with absolutely no doubt, I was successful.

Take competitive powerlifting for instance. Anytime I approached the platform with full belief that I would accomplish the lift I was going to attempt, it happened. I often wished there was a way to monitor belief and confidence. I knew the moment doubt set in the outcome was not going to go my way.

One time in particular stands out. I was in a bench press contest. I had trained hard! In fact, I had trained with one of the top powerlifters in the world, Phil Harrington. I was benching well over 500lbs in training and had successfully benched 500lbs at a meet, just a few months in advance.(with a tore tricep, just recovered from a 17lb weight loss from the flu)

This day would be different. Since I had reached 675lbs down to a 2-board in the gym and was tossing 500lbs around, Phil and I decided that I would open with 500lbs. We were planning to crack 550lbs. Things didn’t quite turn out as we planned.

For some reason, I had this huge cloud of doubt in my head. It crept in like a thief in the night! The doubt of cracking 550 kept me from even successfully benching my 500lb opener. Looking ahead at the “impossible” stood in the way of me even achieving the probable.

I failed! It wasn’t lack of ability. It wasn’t that I hadn’t prepared myself. Not a lack of strength or effort, but a lack of belief. That lack of belief caused me to “bomb out” of a contest. Devastating is the only word to describe it. I knew though. I felt the doubt glooming around me.

Lack of belief in something is a crippler. It will stop even the strongest of the strong. Belief is the greatest tool in a warrior’s arsenal.

Think back to David and Goliath. All David really had going for him was his belief. Nobody would have ever believed that David could slay Goliath, but David did. He never gave doubt a chance to enter his mind. He stood strong on his belief and brought the giant down.

It takes that kind of belief to attain any success. That goes for anything in life. It especially holds true for weight loss.

As a personal trainer, I “preach” belief all the time. When setting goals with people, if they say I can’t lose 30lbs in 12 weeks, I say you’re right. Why try? This makes people mad sometimes. They want to try. But if they don’t believe it will never happen.

In my own journey, I sat a goal to lose 100lbs in 5 months. A lot of people said that I was setting myself up for failure. Not me. I believed and I achieved!

Whatever it is in life, believe in yourself. If you don’t then you are wasting your time. The only thing that stands between those that achieve and those that don’t is belief. Anything is possible!

I believe that GetRight! can help anyone establish this belief system in themselves when it comes to weight loss. Take it from someone that has “Been There”, you have to “Believe to Achieve”.


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