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Change the Channel

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While I was doing my cardio this morning, I started thinking about how we often have bad or negative thoughts. These thoughts can be anything from having a bad day, to being in a bad mood or being negative and dwelling on how things aren’t going our way.

It crossed my mind, when we are watching television and something comes on that we don’t like, we immediately change the channel. We turn it to something that we enjoy watching. We choose to watch something that serves us. We waste no time on things we don’t like; ;we make a decision and change the channel to something that is enjoyable.

With our mind we often do just the opposite. We dwell on the negative thoughts. Often spending too much time and energy on these negatives and allow those thoughts to drag us down.

Same thing with the climate. When we are in our house and find ourselves cold or too hot; we immediately adjust the thermostat to a more comfortable temperature. We don’t waste time being uncomfortable. But, with our mind we will sit in misery and dwell on negative thoughts for way too long before we decide to change our way of thinking.

Riding down the road in the car, if a song comes on the radio that we don’t like; we immediately switch the station. If an advertisement or personality begins to annoy us, bam we turn the station to something we enjoy hearing. We don’t waste time with things we don’t like. We change immediately.

We have the same power with our mind. We can immediately change our way of thinking. We all have negative thoughts that creep in every day. We can choose to dwell on those negative thoughts and feelings, or we can opt to think positive thoughts and live our life our way.

Change the channel to positive thought tv.


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