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What Is The Secret To Weight Loss?

I get asked this question all the time. What’s the secret for weight loss? I’ll tell you the truth…There is NO secret. It’s simple you have to burn more calories daily than you take in. That’s it. Tried and true!

You know there are a ton of successful weight loss strategies out there. They all work! It’s completely up to the individual if it will work for them or not.

Weight Watchers, South Beach, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystems and all the other “diets” and nutritional companies out there have proven results. It’s up to the individual that begins the program if it works for them or not.

All the exercise programs work for some people too. It’s not the 300 workout or the CrossFit program or any other exercise routine that is going to make you lose weight. It’s not fat-burners or anything else, but YOU!

You have to find the right fit for YOU!

Why do things work for some and not the others? It all boils down to the individual in question. Nutrition, exercise and supplementation are all tools. It’s up to you how efficiently you use the tools.

It doesn’t matter what type of weight loss strategy you implement in your life. If you have no commitment to it, if you’re not willing to sacrifice a little bit, and maintain consistency in your effort, NOTHING will help you.

Now, I know I’m a little biased. But I truly believe that the BEST way to lose weight is to hire a trainer that specializes in weight loss. Why? Because a trainer can work hand-in-hand with you to find what nutritional strategy best fits you and your lifestyle.

They can not only prescribe the correct exercise program, but they make sure that you are doing it properly. They hold you accountable and make sure that you’re doing it with consistency. Right when your body begins to adapt to a “routine”; trainers change it!

See it’s like this. I have a tool box full of tools in my garage that my grandfather left me. But I have NO idea how to change the pistons in the motor of my car. I have a general idea. I’m sure I could read a book. Maybe watch a video. But if I want it done and done right. I’ll take it to a capable mechanic, that has a history of providing good service to people like me.

He knows exactly which tools to use and how to use them. I’m sure he probably knows a trick or two to make it easier and faster. I feel safer dealing with him, because he’s way more knowledgeablescales in this area than I am.

Sure, I could go to AutoZone and get a Chilton’s Manual. Maybe I fix it. Maybe I mess it up even worse…I bet Chilton’s will never even contact me to see if I got it fixed, much less offer any suggestions. They got paid when I bought the book.

I feel that way about weight loss. If you’re ready to make a change; DO IT! Consult someone that has all the tools and knowledge to help you reach your goal.

Know though, that it is ultimately up to you. Personal trainers are there to motivate, inspire, guide and educate you in the correct path that you need to be on to reach your goal.

If you don’t bring the desire, commitment, willingness to sacrifice and consistency to the table; truth is…there is no program, routine, dietary supplement or anything that will help you. That’s the simple truth!

I founded GetRight! to help as many people as I can achieve their goal! EVERY client receives individualized assistance. That’s the only way. Every body is different. Every body should train and eat differently.

Find what works for YOU! You owe it to yourself to be healthy and happy!


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