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The Chase: Why Setting Goals Is Just the Starting Line

Today, I want to talk to you about a subject close to my heart—transformation. Not just any transformation, but the kind that reshapes your body, mind, and spirit. The journey to creating the best version of ourselves. Many of you know my story; it wasn’t just about losing weight or getting into shape. It was about becoming the person I always wanted to be. And let me tell you, setting a goal was merely the beginning.

When I first decided to change my life, I did what most people do: I set a goal. “Lose 30 pounds,” “run a 5k,” “eat healthier.” These were my promises to myself. But as days turned into weeks, I realized setting these goals wasn’t enough. Why? Because goals are passive. They’re like a destination on a map with no directions on how to get there. I had to do more—I had to chase those goals down.

Hunting Your Goals

Imagine your goals are like elusive prey in a vast, wild forest. They aren’t going to come to you; you have to go after them. This mindset shift—from setting to hunting—changed everything for me. Here’s how you can make this shift too:

  1. Visualize the Pursuit, Not Just the Outcome: Often, we get so fixated on the end result that we forget about the process. Start visualizing the daily chase. What does it look like? Is it you waking up at 5 AM to hit the gym? Is it choosing a salad over fast food? Envision the hunt every day.
  2. Equip Yourself: Just as a hunter needs the right tools, you need the right tools to achieve your fitness goals. This might mean investing in a good pair of running shoes, preparing healthy meals ahead of time, or even finding a supportive community (like our own here at GetRight! Personal Training). Equip yourself for success.
  3. Track and Adjust: Hunters often track their prey and adjust their strategies accordingly. Similarly, keep a journal of your progress. What’s working? What isn’t? Be honest and flexible in your approach. If something isn’t working, change it. This is about your journey, your rules.
  4. Celebrate Small Victories: Every step forward is a victory. Celebrated the small wins—whether it’s saying no to soda, adding five more pounds to your weightlifting routine, or simply walking past the candy aisle without giving in. These small victories accumulate and keep the momentum going.
  5. Stay Relentless: The path won’t always be easy. There will be days when your goals seem miles away. But remember, the difference between those who transform and those who stay the same is relentlessness. Stay on the chase, even when it’s tough, especially when it’s tough.

Embrace the Hunt

Transforming our lives is about more than setting goals. It’s about actively pursuing them, day in and day out. It’s about not letting setbacks defeat us but using them to push harder. Remember, the hunt itself is where the transformation happens. It’s in the daily grind, the sweat, the determination, and the persistence.

I’m here, hunting alongside you, ready to push, cheer, and celebrate as we all chase down our best selves. Let’s not just set goals; let’s hunt them down with everything we’ve got. Because the true victory lies in the chase.


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