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Taking The First Step

So, you have decided to lose some weight and become healthier. What’s next? Taking the first step.
A lot of people say they just can’t do it. They can’t ever seem to lose weight. They don’t understand why. They’ve tried this diet or that exercise program. Nothing seems to work. They don’t understand why.
I’ve found that most people try too hard. They try to do too much at one time and it becomes unbearable. Then they feel overwhelmed and eventually give up.
My advice to anyone trying to lose weight and become healthier is to simply take the first step. Start out by making a commitment to yourself to incorporate 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine at least five days a week. By making a commitment to do this, you are obligating yourself to do it even on days you don’t really feel like it – just like other things we do on days we don’t really feel like doing them.
Think about it. How many times have you gone to work on days you really didn’t want to? Or, have you ever turned down an invitation to go do something fun because you promised someone else you’d help them with a particular task?
If you treat exercise as a daily obligation – just like brushing your teeth, it will become a habit and natural part of your everyday life. You will start doing it without even thinking about it. It will just be a part of your new, healthy lifestyle.
So the first step to losing weight and living healthier is making a commitment to do it. Then, follow through with your commitment.
Find something you enjoy doing, whether it’s walking, going to a gym, cycling, swimming or whatever it may be. If you enjoy it, you’re more likely to stay committed to it. Once you find your activity and you do it at least five days a week, you are on your way to the lifestyle that you are seeking.
Now of course, this is not all it takes to develop a healthy lifestyle. Remember, this is just the beginning. Over the comings weeks we will be walking more about what we eat and when, along with many other factors that lead to a happy and healthy life.


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