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KO Complacency

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Compliments can kill dreams! Sometimes the worst things we can hear is good job! you look great! man, I can really tell you’ve lost weight! Hey everyone. Mikki Campbell here. Author of Make It Happen and Founder of GetRight! Personal Training. As you know my goal is to help anyone looking to transform their body, mind & spirit find success on their journey. This blog is titled KO Complacency! That is what has to be done from time to time on any transformation journey. I’ve seen complacency stop a LOT of people in their tracks. You’ve seen it too. How many times have you seen someone embark on a journey and make it halfway to their goal and just stop? For instance in a situation like a person starting a journey to lose 100 pounds; they start out crushing it, dedicated to their goal, eating healthy consistently, exercising on a regular basis, developing healthier habits and passionate about their commitment, almost obsessed with achieving their goal. They are bound and determined to lose that 100 pounds and have the body, health overall well being and success they’ve only dreamed about. They do good too. I mean in like the first month they drop like 20 pounds or more and start getting compliments from friends and maybe family members. The pats on the back feel good and they focus harder, like the commitment level goes up a notch, because this recognition feels so amazing. let’s face it, we all love to receive recognition for any efforts, but the recognition from overcoming obstacles, making sacrifices(skipping dessert) you know what I mean, when people notice that you’re losing weight and putting in that effort by god it feels good and we want more. So, the fire is stoked. Now the momentum picked up by this recognition creates an even more intense focus. Skipping desert and doing a few extra reps, become habit, it’s what you do. You are on fire! Couple months pass and they’ve lost 50 pounds, halfway to the goal of dropping 100 pounds and having the health, happiness and success that this whole journey was started for. The compliments are becoming more frequent, we’ve dropped several sizes and starting to feel pretty good about the way our clothes are fitting, we don’t necessarily hide from the mirror any more and we are able to do so many things we couldn’t do before like tying our shoes without gasping for air, taking the stairs and not soaking our shirt with sweat playing with the kids and not collapsing from exhaustion. Life is getting good. As a coach this is a difficult situation. Because you want to see the people that trust you to help them achieve their goals experiencing happiness, feeling better about themselves and enjoying the fruit of their labors that have gotten them to where they are. I mean they have achieved so much and feel better than they ever have. As someone that’s been there I know how it feels. I mean just a few months ago brushing your teeth with your eyes closed so you didn’t have to see yourself in the mirror to losing 50 pounds, wearing smaller clothes that actually fit and having a new found zest for life. I know It is a great feeling and honestly a heck of an accomplishment. I mean how many people need to lose 50 pounds but never do? But truthfully, this is a dangerous place, warnings should start flashing here: DANGER DANGER you are venturing way too close to the complacency zone, if you come into direct contact with complacency it could cause you to crash and burn. TURN back NOW!! FOCUS!! Start your NEW journey NOW! maintain the focus needed. You didn’t start this ride to get off here. Getting off at the halfway point almost ALWAYS leads back to the way you came from and not to where you want to go. So if you are on a journey and have made any form of significant progress, do a self check. Are you still as focused as you were when you were doing the things you needed to be doing to get you to where you currently are? Are you still making those sacrifices? Are you still consistent? Where is your level of commitment? I need you to hear me! Take it from someone that has been there. It does feel good to achieve any level of success, but NOTHING feels better than to achieve that overall goal! That level of success when you’ve gotten the compliments and recognition of loved ones and even strangers is a good feeling and could easily lead to regret. I know, I have been in situations that complacency made me crash and burn. The good feeling wears off way quicker than it comes and you’re left with regret for not seeing it through, That escalates into a feeling of failure which often leads to depression and regression. But seeing it through giving something your best effort and seeing it all the way to the finish line, achieving that distant far off goal and doing what they said you couldn’t heck achieving something that maybe you even doubted you could do just a little bit. Not much feels better. At the end of the day even a physical goal like losing 100 pounds isn’t all about the physical. It’s not just about looking better and having more confidence. It’s about knowing how it feels to overcome. It’s about knowing how hard it was, all the sacrifices, blood sweat and tears and there you are crossing your goal line. You did it! Man, THAT is one of the best feelings you can ever experience! So, if you feel you are becoming complacent and starting to get “satisfied” with your results, I encourage you to KNOCK IT OUT! KO that complacency reignite yourself. Come back out swinging. You deserve to cross that finish line. I promise you won’t regret it! Yes! It will be twice as hard to finish but it will be 100 times worth it! No it will be 1000 times worth it! so make it happen! Today is the best day to start your journey from where you are now to where you want to be and NOW is the perfect time! Remember you are worthy and I believe in you much love and God Bless!


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