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GetRight! Is NOT A Gym

Do you hate the gym? What is it that you hate about it? Is it the crowd? Is it that you feel like all the experienced people there look at you in judgement? Do you feel a little intimidated by the atmosphere? Do you hate the fact that your 30 minute workout takes over an hour because you spend most of your time waiting on equipment? Is it hard to find someone to help you understand how to use the equipment properly? Maybe it’s a combination of all these things and more?

Are you tired of wasting your money on gym memberships with long term contracts that you never use, because of this? Isn’t it frustrating every time you sign up at a new gym and they promise that someone is always there to help you, but after spending 15 minutes with you on your first day; you never see them again? Two weeks after you sign that contract, nobody even speaks to you by name? Why put yourself through that?

GetRight! is a private training facility. There will never be a crowd of people standing around and staring at you or judging you. Our clients train by appointment only and we never have more than 5 people working out at the same time. It is our commitment to our clients to provide an atmosphere for training. Not a social gathering place.

Now, don’t get me wrong, everyone here is friendly and courteous and we all have a good time! We know everyone by name and most clients get to know everyone else as well. We are all working towards the same thing: our own individual goals. Everyone encourages everyone.

Never will you have to deal with the frustration of not knowing what to do at the gym. Workouts are prepared for each individual client based on health history, personal goals and fitness levels. Not knowing how to use the equipment won’t be a concern either. Everyone gets a workout with hands on training in proper form on the exercises and access to the GetRight! Training App that is loaded with demonstration videos and written instructions. Not to mention, you will be training under our watchful eyes. We are never too busy to help you with any questions.

The thing about it is that we are incredibly passionate about providing a training atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable in while providing the guidance, instruction and encouragement necessary to make sure all achieve their goals. We are also committed to being able to continue to always provide these services atno gym prices affordable to everyone. Our personal training packages aren’t much more than just the membership fees of the overcrowded gyms that don’t give any attention to you. We are so positive anyone can achieve their goals here that we GUARANTEE RESULTS! What gym does that?


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