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Don’t Stop Til You Get There!

     Don’t Stop Til You Get There!

Once you set your weight loss goal, you have to commit to it.  Don’t stop until you get there.  See it through. There is a reason you set the goal to start with.

Most people don’t fail.  They quit when it just doesn’t happen fast enough or it gets too difficult.  Often, when we set goals, we see the outcome and we’re excited about achieving it.

Then the work comes.  It gets hard.  The weight doesn’t drop exactly like we planned and we end up making excuses to justify quitting in our own mind.  We have reasons that make sense to us for giving up.  What if we did that in every aspect of our lives?

I know raising children never works out the way “I planned”.  My job occasionally birth’s unexpected challenges.  Every aspect of our life has difficulties involved in it.

Let’s compare weight loss to taking a vacation.  Yeah, something as nice and rewarding as taking a vacation.  Have you ever been driving toward your vacation destination and discovered that you’ve missed a turn are going in the wrong direction?  What did you do? I bet you turned around, got back on the right track and pursued the correct course to take you where you wanted to go.

Maybe you have to stop and ask for more specific directions but you end up back on the right track to take you where you want to go.  Sometimes you run in to difficult circumstances.  The car may overheat or you may have a flat tire.  Maybe someone gets a little car sick and you have to stop for a while.  Once the issue is resolved, you venture again down the path that leads you where you want to go.

See? It doesn’t really matter what comes up.  You’ve worked hard for this vacation.  You’ve saved and planned. You’ve dreamed of the fun, rewarding time you’ll spend.  Nothing is going to stop you from reaching your destination or goal.


It’s exactly the same with weight loss.  Things are going to come up and get you “off track”. There will be times that you go in the wrong direction – times of setbacks and flat-out blowouts.  Days that you just didn’t prepare for and you end up at the drive –thru of some fast food restaurant or you have to squeeze in your exercise.  Some days will be harder than others.

At those times we have to remember that nothing can stand in the way our weight loss goals.  We must reflect on how hard we’ve worked, how much we planned and how good we are going to feel when we reach our goal.  We just can’t stop until we get there!!!

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