Mikki Campbell
GetRight! Founder

GetRight! Founder and personal trainer, Mikki Campbell began personal training in 1994 to supplement his law enforcement income.  He soon fell in love with it and found joy in helping people achieve their fitness goals.  By 1996, Mikki had left law enforcement and became a  personal trainer full-time.


From 1996-2007, Mikki was fortunate enough to be a part of hundreds of people’s personal success stories.  He trained people for all kinds of goals from weight loss, various sports, injury rehabilitation, beauty pageants, powerlifting, body building and bikini competitions.  During this time, he was consistently working to learn as much as possible about the health and fitness industry.  While training and mentoring under some of the best in the business, he received several certifications, awards and acclamations.

Mikki loves the sport of powerlifting and once held 10 APA SC State Records.  He also won several wrestling titles, including the NWA Anarchy World Tag-Team Championship.  In 2007, Mikki took a break from personal training to pursue a career in professional wrestling.  After suffering a torn groin and detached knee cap, he retired from wrestling.  This led him down a path of despair and desperation.  In 2009, Mikki found himself weighing 328 pounds and in the worst shape of his life, both physically and mentally.

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By March 2009, Mikki had had enough.  He started his journey toward regaining his life.  He knew he could put the things he had shared with personal training clients in the past to work and lose weight, get in shape and leave that place of despair behind.

This journey led Mikki to losing 100 pounds in just 6 months and placing 3rd in the Jr Heavyweight class at the NPC SC State Bodybuilding Competition.  He was also recognized as Inspirational Athlete, featured in the October issue of Flex Magazine, and interviewed by Jack and Kimberly on “Your Carolina” TV Show.



In 2010, GetRight! Personal Training was founded with a passion for helping people looking to transform their bodies and “GetRight!” while working with a trainer that has been there himself.  Mikki is fortunate to now own and operate GetRight! Personal Training and guarantees results with the 90 Day Transformation Challenge.  The only thing he is more passionate about than achieving his goals is helping others achieve theirs.