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21 Day Fat Fight @ GetRight!

I am looking for some Anderson Area men and women that want to take part in an all out assault on fat for 21 days. The 21 Day Fat Fight Challenge will take place at GetRight! Personal Training. Only the serious need to apply. This will be a WAR on fat. We are going to fight fir 21 days and destroy some fat! What can those who dare join this fight expect? ~Immediate and AMAZING results ~Accountability and motivation unlike any thing else in Anderson ~Personalized 21 Day Training Program ~Personalized 21 Day Nutritional Strategy ~Scheduled Training Appointments in our Private Facility ~Online support with 24 hour access ~Free download of GetRight! Mobile Training App(powered by Trainerize) and much, much more….. That being said, this fight is for serious participants only. If you are at that point where you have had enough…you are tired of feeling like you do and you are ready to GetRight!, I would love to help you.I have been through my own transformation and I am EXTREMELY passionate about helping others achieve their goals! Let’s work together and “Make It Happen”! The cost is ONLY $3 per day…Change your life for less than a combo meal! Start now and in just 21 days love the way you feel! RESULTS GUARANTEED!!! https://getrightpersonaltraining.com/21day/


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