Susan Moser

I would not be as thin, strong, balanced, and coordinated as I am today without GetRight!. Mikki and Georganne make everyone feel welcome, no matter your fitness level, weight, or size. I was inspired to try GetRight! because Mikki personally knows what it is like to battle with food. He has been through his own transformation, so he gets it! I like that it is a semi-private atmosphere with all the equipment you need for strong workouts. You build a group of like-minded friends who want to encourage each other, be positive, and get healthier. I’ve been to other gyms before but I would eventually quit going. This is the first time that I have EVER stuck with a fitness routine for over 3 months! Mikki and Georganne care about their clients. Mikki has the passion and knowledge to help you transform your body. Now just tell yourself that you are WORTH that transformation because Mikki can make it happen!!!