Frequently Asked Questions

  • No. Our Training Facility is only available by appointment. We limit the number of appointments to always guarantee a somewhat private training experience. Only allowing a restricted number of people to access the facility at any given time. Scheduling is made simple by our easy to use online scheduling system. 

  • The first visit will be a Fitness Consultation. We will discuss your health history, what your goals are, your current fitness level, your fitness experience, how much time you have to commit to your goals, explain how our All In Transformation Program can help you and answer any questions you may have. 

    Then, you will be guided through an Introductory Workout to familiarize you with our equipment and assure that you’re comfortable with everything involved in your All In Transformation Program.

    Remember, our program is carefully curated to fit your individual needs. All of our training sessions are 30 minutes, but please plan to spend 40-50 minutes with us for your initial visit.

  • Your session will begin at the scheduled time of your workout. We ask that you arrive in enough time to change if necessary and have adequate time for a 5-10 minute warm-up.

  • No. You can participate in the All In Transformation Program anywhere in the world. With the GetRight! Mobile App, I’ve trained clients all across America, Canada, England and India.
    It’s the same personalized training experience regardless of where you live. 
    However, if you are within driving distance of our facility and would like to train here, we don’t charge any type of gym fees. Our clients have access to our equipment and facility at no extra cost. 
  • Yes. Scheduling appointments is simple with our easy to use online scheduling system. 

  • Wear clothing that is comfortable to you and provides proper support.Wear shoes that are appropriate for cardiovascular training, strength training, balance work and plyometric training.

  • GetRight! Training Sessions are 30 minute training sessions.

  • It really depends on your level of commitment and effort. Every person’s body is different and responds to exercise differently. Typically within four weeks clients can see a difference in their bodies.

  • GetRight! GUARANTEES Results. Each client’s program is specifically developed for them based on their unique individual needs. No “cookie cutter” programs here. 

  • We are available by appointment only Monday – Saturday