Amazing Transformation of Susan McMichael

bna susan mcmichael
WOW! What an AMAZING Weight Loss Transformation. Susan McMichael had a weight loss of 80 pounds in just 10 months! While losing inches all over her body, toning her physique, increasing her strength and overall improving her quality of life. Susan had a goal, made a commitment to her goal, trusted the GetRight! Personal Training Program, executed the plan with 100% effort and persevered to Make It Happen. Oh, and for those that feel like it’s too late for them, Susan was able to accomplish this weight loss transformation at 67 years young!! It’s never too late for anyone to achieve their weight loss goals… We love working with those that are seeking solutions to “senior weight loss” and have been Blessed to help several people lose weight, get in better shape and transform their body, mind and spirit well into their senior years. So no matter if you are an older person, a young person or even if you feel like you are too out of shape, we can help you reach your weight loss goals. Click the ” Contact Us” button and fill out your information. Someone will be in touch to schedule your free consultation at your convenience.