BNA Becci Brown

” I lost 70 pounds in 20 weeks and I feel GREAT!! A life changing experience.”

Becci Brown

BNA Kim Berry

Kim Berry lost 36 pounds and 42″ so far with GetRight!

BNA Michelle Pickens

“I lost 45 pounds within 5 months and have kept it off!”

Michelle Pickens

BNA Libby Watt

“I have lost a total of 50 pounds and I feel great!”

Libby Watt

BNA Mike Lau

“GetRight! has helped me lose 30 pounds and 8 inches from my waist.  I took that first step & look forward to the next 90 day challenge!

Mike Lau


BNA Preston Powell

Preston Powell lost 100 pounds in 11 months

“With the help of GetRight!, I achieved my goal & won my first competition.”

Ronnie Dow

Sanethia Thomas has lost 63lbs!!