Our state-of-the-art Private Training Facility is conveniently located at 110 Miracle Mile Drive, Anderson, SC just off Clemson Blvd.
We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean, welcoming and friendly environment, while motivating men and women of all ages and fitness levels toward achieving their goals of transforming their bodies. We are a private training facility operating by appointment only. This guarantees privacy ensuring you never have to wait in line for equipment. Our Founder and personal trainer, Mikki Campbell and his wife Georganne are here to guarantee our clients receive the guidance and motivation needed to be successful in their transformation.

You will find the same equipment you have seen in all the big gym environments. We have:

   * Pec Dec Machine
   * Chest Press Machine
   * Lat Pulldown Tower
   * Mid-Row Back Machine
   * Lower Back Machine
   * Shoulder Press Machine
   * Preacher Curl Machine
   * Triceps Dip Machine
   * Leg Extension Machine
   * Seated Leg Curl Machine
   * Leg Press Machine
   * Butt Blaster Machine
   * Inner/Outer Thigh Machine
   * Ab Crunch Machine

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Free Weights:
   * Power Rack
   * Flat Bench
   * Incline Bench
   * Decline Bench
   * Utility Benches
   * Dumbbells
   * Barbells

Private Training Facility gym in anderson sc

Functional Training Accessories:
   * Pull- Up Bar
   * Kettlebells
   * Boxes
   * Medicine Balls
   * Battle Ropes
   * Bands
   * Flexi Sticks
   * Tire
   * Sled
   * Mats
   * Stability Balls
   * BOSU Ball


Cardiovascular Equipment (with Cable TV and Wifi available)
   * Treadmills
   * Elliptical Machine
   * Stationary Bike
   * Steps