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The next best thing to actually training in person at GetRight! Personal Training is to train online with a GetRight! Personal Trainer. The results our clients have been achieving are nothing short of amazing. Everything we do at GetRight! is geared towards making sure each person achieves their personal goals. We train you to know how to workout anywhere, indoors, outdoors, on the road, at home…it makes no difference. Training online with GetRight! Personal Training will not only teach you how to workout in a safe and healthy manner, but will progress you through levels of fitness you never thought imaginable.

If you want professional guidance to make sure your staying on the right path, learn how to train anywhere and transform your body in just 90 DAYS, then GetRight!’s Online Personal Training is for you!!

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GetRight! 90 Day Online Transformation:

Transform your body in just 90 Days of training that you can do in your home, at any gym or anywhere. All of your workouts are programmed into your own personal training app and specifically designed for you based on your individual health history, fitness level and personal goals. You will be able to access your workouts on your desktop or mobile device.
This package includes:
  • Custom cardiovascular training program that includes direction on exercise type, frequency and duration.
  • Custom strength training program designed specifically for you. Includes direction on type of exercise move, resistance size, frequency, number of reps, number of sets, and rest time. Video demonstrations and written directions provided for all prescribed exercises.
  • Unlimited access, via e-mail to your trainer for questions, help, etc.
  • Your own private, customizable profile page. You can upload pictures,track your workouts, communicate with your trainer and more.
  • Mobile phone access. With your Internet-enabled mobile device you can easily access your workouts, add online journal entries, view workout  and send your trainer a message. It’s a great way to stay connected no matter where you are; if you workout at a gym, that means you can pull up your workouts right in the middle of your training session.
  • Social Networking: you can choose to share your profile page with friends and family. Friends and family can then track your wellness journey and even add message posts to your private page and you can post too.
  • Accountability tracking to keep you on target.
  • Use our cool tools to monitor your progress. Track weight loss, inches, body fat percentage, progress pics, etc.

Price $100.00