Keto: I Was Wrong

Ok. I admit it. I was wrong. For years, I have believed the best way of eating was high protein, moderate complex carbs and low fat.
In fact, I have always recommended this way of eating for weight loss and general well-being. Even saying that it just doesn’t make sense to eat a high fat diet and remove our fuel source(carbs) from your diet.
I am here to tell you, that after giving the Keto Diet an honest run; I stand corrected. On the Keto Diet, I found that I was eating foods I really enjoyed while losing weight equivalent to what I had lost on my old way of dieting.
After the first few days, once I was “Keto Adapted”, I also noticed that I felt better. No mood swings. No low energy feelings. I had better mental clarity and ability to focus. I was sleeping much better and just feeling great!
I have often said that all diets/nutritional plans work, but not all work for everybody. It’s better to find a plan that fits your lifestyle as opposed to trying to hard to adapt your lifestyle to fit a plan.
I think this is why I have become such a fan of the Keto Diet. It just fits me better. I now have an incredible thirst for knowledge about this way of eating and plan to learn all I can.

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