What do you like most about GetRight! ?

“Very productive use of workout time. No down time. Maximizes every second of training time.”
~Lindsey Rhodes
“My favorite thing about GetRight! is that it makes me feel alive and at almost 80, that is quite a feat. Also the attitude and personalities of both Mikki and Gorgeanne is uplifting and appreciated.”
~Gloria Bolte
“Great workouts that show results much faster than any other training I have ever had.”
~Denise Rivera
“The personal attention given to the clients and their workout needs.”
~Kathy Hodges
“Small, friendly environment and appointments hold me accountable to do my workouts.”
~Jessica Smith
“Well, I really like the personal attention I get with the training and I’ve always been impressed with your knowledge of training and the personal interest you take in each of your clients and trying to help us reach our goals.”
~Lisa Miente
“One-on-one training with a great trainer in a small, non intimidating environment.”
~Saunders McCollum
“The atmosphere  and people.”
~Donna Richey
“The inspiration you give to us.”
~Carolyn Reynolds
“I love the atmosphere…workout plan was easy to follow eating plan…love the motivation yall give to each person! I love everything about it!”
~Anna Barrett
“Friendly, appointments make me come….that is a biggie for me, workouts don’t take forever, excellent price for a retired person, varied workouts provided by trainer!!”
~Elizabeth Parkins
” You motivate me to push myself beyond what I think I can do.”
~Tracy Ramsey
“I like the variety of the workouts and that you challenge me.  I’m never bored!”
~Kristi Simmons
“My favorite thing about going to GetRight! is the serious energy in the room that motivates me to focus on the task I go there to do.”
~Mary Orem
“I think it is the fact that, through Mikki’s encouragement, I am able to complete a challenging workout that I would not be able to complete by myself.”
~Tom Davisson
“Mikki and Georganne make working out fun and you are very accommodating with my busy schedule.”
~Joey Preston
“My favorite thing is when I get greeted like family  and held accountable for exercising.”
~Pat Tanner
“It’s the friendship and the workouts Homie…”
~Wendy Kelly
“I love the Small gym thing. Have tried the medium and large gyms and always fighting to work out. Would take over an hour to workout and wait for weights, cardio equipment….etc
Love my trainer the MOST”
~ Kelly Koonce
“It’s friendly, not crowded, and you guys care when we make progress. You make sure the people know that your all in it together.”
~Michelle Johnson
1. Rhythm and pace of exercises.
2. Mikki’s attention to precision. I feel safe that I am positioning my body and/or handling the equipment properly.
~Janine Ferra
“I like coming to GetRight because I get quality one on one private training. I have the assurance that I am getting the best from the best!”
~Martie Sturtz
“My favorite things are my new muscles!! I wouldn’t have them if it weren’t for my personalized, one on one training that includes the accountability and motivation that I need to keep seeing new ones!! Thank you, Mikki and Georganne!!”
~Heather Gentry
“First and foremost, you and Georganne!
The way you challenge and push me to do more than I believe I am capable of-all the while encouraging and instructing me! I like it that I nvr feel intimidated while working out-everyone is always friendly, and you are always making sure to introduce us to others. I don’t feel invisible and just another member, but a part of the Get Right family!
Thank you so much!”
~Anna Smith
“The favorite part of GetRight is Mikki and the personal attention given to me!”
~Steve Krause
“Very motivational and you push us every time to do our best!”
~Ashley Corder
“My favorite thing is the support  and dedication that you and Georganne give to your clients. There is no other place out there that gives as much support as you both do. Your enthusiasm and determination, spills onto your clients, making us more determined to reach our goals.”
~Renee Trotter